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ge and accenture

GE Healthcare, Accenture Partner on Claims Processing Technology

The partnership is part of a GE-Accenture alliance announced in 2013 to solve industry challenges through the use of advanced analytics capabilities.
ovum and mobility

Mobile Technology Changing Customer Service Standards

A Tyntec/Ovum survey shows a gap exists in all vertical markets between consumers' expectations of mobile apps and what businesses are providing.
raytheon and it security

Businesses Struggle With Managed Security Services

Two-thirds of businesses say they don't engage with a security provider until they experience data loss from a breach, according to a Raytheon survey.
ipass and tata

iPass, Tata Communications Partner on WiFi Deployment

iPass and the Tata Group are extending their WiFi access partnership, with Tata Communications using iPass' SmartConnect SDK to provide more features.
public cloud and security

Public Clouds Bring Security, Management Challenges to Businesses

Public cloud security concerns run the gamut, from data breaches to unauthorized access to private data, according to a survey of AWS attendees.
magisto and smbs

Small-Business Social Media Marketing Strategies Start to Shift

A Magisto survey finds Millennials are more likely than Baby Boomers to create videos for social media and almost none would invest in television ads.
comptia and it security

IT Pros Fear Businesses Lack Sufficient Cyber-Security Protection

A CompTIA survey results show challenges extend to finding qualified security workers and closing skills gaps at a time when the demand is increasing.
secureauth and web security

WiFi Security Issues Go Unnoticed in America

Americans as a whole are still disclosing sensitive information over public WiFi, such as their address and credit card number, according to a SecureAuth survey.
meritalk and federal it

Federal IT Pros Vent FedRAMP Frustrations

A MeriTalk survey found that despite the GSA's push to fix the process, 41 percent of respondents are unfamiliar with GSA’s plans to remedy FedRAMP.
dell and printers

Dell Adds 3 New Models to Build Out Smart Printer Portfolio

All three new printers from Dell offer onscreen self-help graphics that provide step-by-step instructions for troubleshooting and error recovery.
millenials and web access

Millennials Willing to Pay More for High-Speed Web Access

More than three-quarters of millennials surveyed agreed or strongly agreed that they expect to be able to stream video wherever they are.
webroot and security

Security Habits Differ Among Millennials, Baby Boomers

Despite a reputation for being less tech savvy than Millennials, 49 percent of Baby Boomers have antivirus solutions installed on their devices.

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