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Tenable Verizon

Tenable Discloses Verizon Fios Router Vulnerabilities

Verizon is now in the process of updating millions of routers to help protect users against a series of vulnerabilities that could have potentially enabled exploitation.

#eWEEKchat April 10: How Will We Be Storing Big Data?

JOIN US: This is a chat-based conversation about how we realistically are going to be storing our business and personal data in places where it will be safe and accessible for years to come. Can the cloud handle all of this? Doubtful.
Sysdig 2

Sysdig Unites Cloud-Native Visibility and Security in Platform Update

EXCLUSIVE: Sysdig is set to launch version 2.0 of its Cloud-Native Visibility and Security Platform, providing organizations with integrated capabilities to manage workload performance and security.
Tax Return Fraud

TrickBot Malware Targets Tax Filing Deadline, IBM Warns

IBM X-Force reveals that multiple malware campaigns are spoofing major accounting and payroll firms as the U.S. tax filing deadline nears.
Cisco Talos Facebook

Cisco Talos Finds Criminals Hiding in Plain Sight on Social Media

Cyber-criminals aren't just hiding on the dark web. Many are also operating openly on social media sites like Facebook, according to new research from Cisco's Talos research unit.

How Bots Are Disrupting Airline Ticket Sales

eWEEK DATA POINTS: Questionable online travel agencies, travel aggregators, competitors and criminals are using malicious bots to conduct a variety of attacks on airline websites that result in online fraud, website downtime and loss of potential revenue.
Facebook privacy

Facebook User Info Exposed in Misconfigured Public Cloud Storage

Researchers from UpGuard have discovered two separate un-secured cloud storage buckets holding Facebook user information, once again putting the social network's users at risk.
USB drive 2019cp

How to Fight the Threat of USB Thumb Drives

NEWS ANALYSIS: The events at Mar-a-Lago underscore just how dangerous USB thumb drives are--and how you need to get a handle on the problem within your organization.

AppOmni Launches Service to Secure Cloud SaaS Enterprise Applications

Salesforce veterans come together to launch a new company that looks to provide visibility to help organizations secure Software-as-a-Service(SaaS) cloud applications from potential data leakage.
Apache Web Server

Apache Patches Carpe Diem Vulnerability in Web Server Update

The open-source Apache Web Server project has patched six flaws in the new 2.4.39 update, including a critical issue that could potentially put cloud and shared web hosting providers at risk.
Xen Project

Xen 4.12 Improves Open-Source Hypervisor Virtualization Security

The Xen Project is continuing to enhance performance and boost security in its latest open-source hypervisor release.
McAfee CTO Steve Grobman

Why McAfee Is Integrating AI Into Next Gen Security VIDEO

eWEEK VIDEO: McAfee CTO Steve Grobman provides insight into why artificial intelligence is more than just a buzzword - it's the foundation for improved cyber-security outcomes.

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