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Got Your Own Terabyte at Home?

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It's hardly a scientific study, but there may be something to this. Rick Villars, esteemed veteran storage analyst over at IDC, has been polling people informally to ask how much disk storage they have at home. He's talking spinning disk storage--no Tivos, optical disks or tape.

Things that would count here: desktops, laptops, adjunct storage drives, iPods, iPhones, etc. Results? He contends that he's consistently finding 30 to 50 percent of the IT-savvy people he talks to have 1TB or more of spinning disk storage in their homes. Can that be right?

As we went around our table at dinner earlier this evening at the Ama Lur restaurant at the Gaylord Texan resort at the Storage Networking World conference in Dallas, we squinted toward the roof of the Texan's huge, atrium-covered center space and took mental stock of our personal disk storage wealth. Sure enough, about half of us--some folks from Sun Microsystems, an IT director at Clemson University, a few analysts and various others--had at least a full terabyte back at home.

And where does The Station stand? 1.38 TB, to be exact. (Oops, forgot the 60GB iPod. Make that 1.44 TB).

"I'll bet a high number of people have more storage at home than most SMBs," Villars said.

To paraphrase something the great Billy Joel once exclaimed in song: You may be right, Rick.

So, readers: How much do you have? Do you fit the profile here?

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