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Back Up and Secure Your Web Site

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DALLAS -- On Oct. 24, an older company (20-year veteran Remote Backup Systems of Memphis, Tenn.) will introduce a brand-new software product that can back up and maintain the integrity of a Web site's HTML.

Founder and CEO Rob Cosgrove claims that RBS is the world's oldest online backup company ("We started out using telephones and telephone lines," Cosgrove told Storage Station), since it was established way back in the Iran-Contra days of 1987. Its original RBackup product is currently used in more than 8,000 servers, with about 1.5 million clients in 63 countries.

The new product, SiteShelter, backs up Web sites, and Web sites only. It has been tested and retested for more than a year, with several RBS customers using it on a daily basis. It's designed for Web developers who want to provide an automatic online backup and monitoring service for their clients' sites -- or for ISPs that want to add additional income by backing up their clients' sites.

SiteShelter can back up Web and FTP sites hosted on all types of servers, including Windows, Unix and Linux. It automatically detects the type of server it is backing up, and can back up an unlimited number of sites or FTP sites concurrently. A cool feature: If someone were to get access to a site for which you are responsible and make unauthorized changes, the software has the built-in intelligence to change the site back to its original state automatically -- letting you off the hook.

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