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Behind the iMac Price Hike

Apple's lone-wolf status has provided many tangible rewards for its user base; however, it also has to deal with more logistical problems than the other guys.

Mac Market Built on Sand?

As Apple is finding out with its next-generation iMac, when you're the only sand factory in town, one stuck gear or dropped wrench can hold up the whole process.

Manna for Mac Publishers?

Apple will be keeping a low profile at next week's Seybold Seminars; let's hope the same isn't true of the Mac's key developers.

Apples Tower of Power

Apple's near-stealth rollout of its first gigahertz systems is probably appropriate to the real magnitude of the new release.

Apple Pushes to the Gigahertz Barrier with New Power Macs

Although Apple has long maintained that it's performance, not megahertz, that matters, even adherents of the "Think Different" company have long been awaiting Monday's announcement of new desktop Power Mac G4 models that, at the top of the lin

Apple Gets Results

Apple's old-fashioned product values and its unfashionable belief that computing is still cool seem to serve the company just fine in these tough times.

Apple Hits Consensus, Posts $38M Profit

Apple chalks up a net profit of $38 million for the period that included both Sept. 11 and the all-important holiday buying season.

Apples New Magic Bullet?

Matthew Rothenberg makes one more prediction for January: Apple will take the wraps off Power Mac G4 systems based on Motorola's powerful new Apollo chip.

Up Close and Personal With the New iMac

A hands-on look at Apple's newest iMac.

Lotus To Support Mac OS X

IBM's Lotus Software division said that a beta version of Lotus Notes, code-named Rnext, will support Apple's Mac OS X operating system.

Expo Keynote: Its an iMac

After a week of speculation about Steve Jobs' Macworld keynote, the secret ingredient proved to be a long-awaited new spin on an old Mac favorite: an eye-catching flat-panel iMac.

Is Apple iWalk for Real?

The SpyMac rumor site has posted a series of video clips that purportedly portray a new handheld device from Apple it calls the "iWalk."

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