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Ektra Smartphone Builds on Kodak's Photographic History

In its first-ever smartphone, Kodak goes back to its photo roots by including a quality camera and a retro camera-like design.
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AT&T Aiming to Buy Time Warner: Reports

The two companies are in deep merger discussions and a deal could either arrive in days or completely fall apart, according to reports.
Verizon, Q3 earnings, mobile carriers, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, smartphones

Verizon Q3 Wireless Customer Net Adds Fall 57%

Q3 revenue and net profit were also down, due substantially to the sale of some local landline operations in the quarter.
Samsung, Note7, Note7 fires, Note7 recall, smartphones, smartphone fires, quarterly losses, Galaxy S7

Samsung Estimates Financial Fallout From Note7 Through Q1

Samsung expects the Note7 recall nightmare to have an additional $3.1 billion financial impact in 4Q 2016 and 1Q 2017, on top of a $2.6B charge in Q3.
Sprint, LG V20, smartphones, LG V10 smartphone, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, mobile carriers, phone preorders

Upcoming LG V20 Smartphone Available Now for Preorder From AT&T

Sprint will start LG V20 preorders Oct. 21, while T-Mobile and Verizon confirm they will also offer the phone.
Note7, Note7 fires, Note7 recall, Note7 replacement, CPSC, smartphones, smartphone recall, smartphone fires, battery fires, Samsung

Samsung Releases Note7 Return Details Following Its Recall

In exchange for their defective Note7, customers can get a bill credit up to $100 on any other Samsung phone or $25 on another brand.
Sprint, smartphones, tablets, laptops, internet access, home internet, student internet access, high school, 1Million Project

Sprint Bringing Free Internet, Mobile Devices to 1M U.S. Students

The program aims to provide internet access to disadvantaged high school students whose families can't afford services at home.
Note7, Note7 fires, Note7 recall, Note7 replacement, Samsung, smartphones, profit estimates

After Note7 Disaster, Samsung Drops Its Q3 Profit Estimate by 32%

The company now says it expects to take a $2.6 billion charge against its projected Q3 profits to pay for the failed Note7 line and its aftermath.  
Amazon Prime, Amazon Music Unlimited, music streaming, Apple Music, Spotify, streaming music, Amazon

Amazon Unveils Amazon Music Unlimited Streaming Service

The music streaming service starts at $7.99 a month for Amazon Prime users or $9.99 a month for non-Prime customers.
Samsung Note Fire

Samsung's Note7 Debacle Is Bad, but Survivable: Analysts

NEWS ANALYSIS: Dumping the Note7 for good had to be done once battery fires were seen in the replacement Note7 smartphones, analysts said.
Sprint, mobile carriers, mobile plans, Unlimited Freedom for Business, unlimited data, hotspots

Sprint Unveils Unlimited Freedom Mobile Plans for Business Users

The new plans cut prices for business users and provide unlimited, talk, text and data, as well as 5GB of mobile hotspot usage per month.
Note7, Note7 fires, Note7 recall, Samsung, smartphones, battery fires, Consumer Product Safety Commission

Samsung Ends Note7 Smartphone Production Permanently After Fires

The move to halt production and marketing of the Samsung Note7 comes after at least five reports of fires in the U.S. involving replacement phones.

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